Replacing the existing, abandoned Macy's at the east end of this ever-changing mall, this project drives the east-west Paseo through to the city sidewalk system, flanked on one side by 6-story hotel and on the other by a 7-story mixed-use retail/residential building.

The project re-connects with Pasadena's early 20th Century Bennett Plan, which envisioned Pasadena not as a quaint string of one and two-story buildings, but, rather, as a robust, growing cultural and economic center that would extend in all directions with the kind of 6 and 7 story datum line that marked the heart of pedestrian cities like Paris and Rome.

The design fuses  a contemporary retail / restaurant program - broad expanses of 2-story glass - with the classically-focused spirit of the proximate Pasadena Civic Center.

A series of emphatically vertical pavilions, stitched together with revealed balconies, are capped by weather-covered penthouse terraces.

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