The existing apartment community, National City Park Apartments, houses approximately 700 adults and 1,000 children in 456 units. It is located on 22.6 acres adjacent to D Avenue in National City. The community was built in 1968 with funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The primary goal of the development is to advance FHC’s (Family Housing Corporation) mission of providing affordable housing and services to its current and future low to moderate income residents, including families and veterans.


  • Phased approach to increased (doubling of) density
  • Creating a stronger development identity and presence
  • Strengthening connections with the public street and sidewalk
  • Internalizing density and mass with appropriate transition to surrounding neighborhood
  • Creating a strong network of pedestrian and vehicular circulation, anchored by communal open space and amenities linking with the larger community
  • Offering a variety of housing types( town homes, garden style apartments, mid- and high-rise apartments) to support the diverse needs of the community

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