The new student center serves to activate an underused portion of the campus into a social hub for students and faculty. While respecting the historically significant context of the campus and the original design of the center, the renovation will focus on maximizing open gathering space, and minimizing impact on outdoor spaces. The project also aimed to maximize collaboration and trust through its Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method - a first for the campus. Guiding Principles for the Hameetman Center renovation were:

  • Provide an interior/exterior environment that facilitates collaboration for all members of the Caltech community
  • Engage and connect the interior functions of the building with all four exterior sides in a way that activates campus life
  • Provide an effective design that will meet the programmed needs and is appropriate for intended uses
  • Design and construct a facility to maximize the quality of all components within the given project budget
  • Incorporate elements / materials / systems that minimizes total cost of ownership

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